Bank Holiday Monday

27th May 2013


Showjumping, Ridden & In-hand Classes.


To be held at: Little Hatherleigh, Nr Ansty/Stoke Wake, Dorset.


Ambulance in attendance


Entries to secretary:  Miss LM Hemingway BHSAI.  30 Rosefields,  Blandford,  Dorset.  DT11 9PX   Tel: 01258 268695  Mob: 07843 062830



Pre Entries Close: 20th May 2013   Entries £8 all classes Late Entries £9

All proceeds to Cancer Research UK


To download an entry form click here



Ring One – Showjumping – Commences 9 a.m.

Run to BSJA Rules.  All clear rounds move forward to jump off at end of class.


Class 1A          Minimum Jumping                     1ft 6”                Pony to be lead, no spurs.

Class 1B           Minimum Jumping                    1ft 6”                Open to any horse or pony, no spurs.

Class 2             Horse & Hound                        Up to 2ft          One ridden round, one round leading dog.  Fastest                                                     

                                                                                                Clear round wins.

Class 3             Novice                                     2 ft                   Horse/rider combination not to have won more than               

                                                                                                three 1st’s.  No spurs.

Class 4             Open    (after 12am)                 2 ft 3”               Open to all.

Class 5             Open                                        2 ft 6”               Open to all.

Class 6             Open                                        Up to 2 ft 9”     Open to all.

Class 7             Open                                        Up to 3 ft         Open to all.


Ring Two – Ridden Show – Commences 10 a.m.


Class 8             Best Turned Out                       Open to any horse or pony.

Class 9             Mountain & Moorland              Open to all full and part bred ponies.

Class 10           Coloured Riding Horse/Pony    Open to any height.  To include skewbald, piebald,

                                                                         Appaloosa and spotted.

Class 11           Riding Horse/Pony                    Will split if sufficient entries.  Ridden in snaffle.

Class 12           Lead Rein Pony                        Pony not exceed 12.2 hh

Class 13           Veteren                                    Open to all horses/ponies over 16 years.

Class 14           Ridden Cob                              Open to all cob types.

Class 15           Working Hunter                        Jumps approx 2ft 6”



Ring Three – Inhand Show – Commences 10 a.m

Stewards will do their best to accommodate if classes clash. 


Class 16           Best Condition              Open to any horse or pony over 4 years of age.

Class 17           Veteren                                    Open to all horses/ponies over 16 years.

Class 18           Family Horse                            Open to any horse over 15hh. 

Class 19           Youngstock                              Open to any horse/pony under 3 years.  No colts.

Class 20           Coloured Horse/Pony               Open to any height. To include Skewbald, Piebald, Appaloosa,


Class 21           Mountain & Moorland              Open to all part and full bred ponies.

Class 22           Child Handler                           Children under 12 years. Pony over 4 years.

Class 23           Riding Horse/Pony                    Will split if entries permit.  Riding Horse open to any horse over






1.                   The organiser & landowner cannot accept any liability for damage, accident, injury or loss to horses, riders, spectators or personal property.


2.                   Jumping Classes will be run under current BSJA rules.


3.                   Hard hats conforming to PAS 015 or BS EN 1384 must be worn.


4.                   No horse or pony under 4 years may enter any ridden class.


5.                   No horse or pony to be ridden by more than one rider in any class.


6.                   Objections must be made within 15 minutes of the alleged offence and must be accompanied by a fee of £10.00, which will be refunded if the objection is upheld.


7.                   Entry fees are not refundable or transferable under any circumstances.


8.                   The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry.


9.                   Anyone abusing/galloping their horse/pony will be asked to leave.


10.               The judge may disqualify any competitor for misuse of whips or spurs.  


11.               Classes may be cancelled if insufficient entries.


12.               In the event of adverse weather conditions, it is the competitor’s responsibility to seek confirmation as to the cancellation of any event.


13.               All young children must be kept under control at all times and must not be allowed to play amongst the horses.


14.               Riders age taken on day of show (where applicable).


15.               No entire horses in any showing/jumping classes.


16.               Dogs to be kept on a lead.





Quiet, friendly instructor available for beginner to advanced lessons.


Call Leanne on 07843 062830